First Unit recognizes the significance of having the correct equipment, such as dollies, jibs, and cameras, to achieve top-notch shots in film production. Dollies are renowned for their ability to create seamless shots and offer a convenient way to move a camera around a set. On the other hand, jibs provide cinematographers with great flexibility in camera movements, allowing them to capture dynamic and imaginative shots. Moreover, First Unit provides a wide array of camera support gear, including standard tripods and the advanced 3-axis Weaver Steadman, ensuring that cinematographers can precisely position their lenses as desired. With these essential tools at their disposal, First Unit is fully equipped to cater to the diverse requirements of any production.


Dollies can produce smooth shots and are a convenient means of moving a camera around a set.


Jibs give you immense freedom of movement for your camera.

Camera Support

From standard tripods to our 3-axis Weaver Steadman, our camera support gear can get your lens exactly where you want it.