Truck Packages

Our 1, 3 and 5 ton truck packages have all been improved and refined from over 25 years of experience in the field.  We strive to put together complete packages to meet the general needs of most any project, while maintaining the flexibility to allow them to be customized for your unique production’s needs.


1 Ton

This is our smallest package, but it can easily provide enough gear to adequately light smaller scale productions.  With a tungsten package included in the cost, it contains the basic equipment any set will need for a very affordable price.

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3 Ton

Our 3 ton truck package is intended to be able to work all but the very largest of productions.  It comes with a vast array of grip and electrical gear, as well as plenty of room to add more HMI’s, Kinos, dolly and jib equipment, or whatever else your set may require.

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5 Ton

If you have a large production, you’re going to want a 5 ton.   This workhorse truck comes with a full host of grip and electrical equipment, as well as plenty of room for HMI’s, Kinos, dolly and jib arm gear, or anything else you’d like in addition.  The 5 ton is intended to have enough to solve most any problem that can arise in the midst of set quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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