1x Clamp4.00
2×4 Slider w/ Ear4.00
2×4 Wall Spreader4.00
2×6 Wall Spreader4.00
2 1/2″ Gobo Head4.00
4 1/2″ Gobo Head4.00
Baby Double Header4.00
Baby Triple Header4.00
Baby 90 Nail-On Plate4.00
Baby Offset4.00
Baby Side Arm4.00
Baby Stand Riser4.00
Baby Pipe Hanger4.00
Beadboard Clamp4.00
10″ C-Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
24″ Bar Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
12″ Studded C-Clamp4.00
18″ Bar Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
24″ Bar Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
30″ Bar Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
36″ Bar Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
4″ C- Clamp4.00
4″ C-Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
6″ C-Clamp4.00
6″ C-Clamp w/ Junior Receiver4.00
6″ C-Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
8″ C-Clamp with Junior Receiver4.00
8″ C-Clamp w/ 5/8″ Pin4.00
Chain Vise4.00
Studded Chain Vise4.00
Gaffer Grip4.00
Grip Helper4.00
Junior Stand Riser4.00
Junior Triple Header4.00
Junior Nail-On Plate4.00
Junior Offset4.00
Junior Pipe Hanger4.00
Junior Side Arm4.00
Mafer Clamp4.00
Mag Clamp4.00
Foamcore Plate4.00
Large Polecat15.00
Scissor Clamp4.00
Spring Clamp0.50
Tree Branch Holder4.00
Menace Arm25.00
Shotgun Menace Arm Kit25.00
Mini Trussmaker12.00
Jib Weight3.00
Section of Parallels (Complete)55.00
Additional Parallel Side25.00
Additional Parallel Deck25.00
Parallel Leveling Jack (Set of 4)6.00
Parallel Wheel (Set of 4)6.00
Parallel Safety Rail (Set of 4)11.00
Shot Bag4.00
Tent Stake4.00

Single Net25.0035.0055.0080.00
Double Net25.0035.0055.0095.00
Solid / Water Black25.0035.0055.0080.0090.00150.00
Black Velvet75.00150.00150.00
Black/White Griffolyn25.0035.0050.0075.00
Quarter Stop Silk25.0040.0050.0080-.00
Quarter Grid25.0035.0050.0060.0080.00
Light Grid25.0035.0050.0060.0080.00
Full Grid25.0035.0050.0060.0080.00
Silent Quarter Grid25.0035.0050.0085.00
Silent Light Grid25.0035.0045.0085.00
Silent Full Grid25.0035.0055.0085.00
Bleached Muslin25.0035.0050.0060.0080.00
Half Soft Frost25.0035.0050.0060.0090.00
Full Soft Frost75.00
Hi Light25.0035.0050.0090.00
Silver Lamay25.0040.0055.0085.00
Gold Lamay25.0040.0055.0085.00
Checkerboard G/S Lamay25.0040.0055.0085.00
Checkerboard Silver/White40.0055.00
Chroma Green/Blue Screen35.0045.0060.00100.00100.00
Chroma Green Screen35.0045.0060.00100.00175.00
Digi-Green Screen60.00100.00100.00
Magic Cloth75.0075.0090.00
LCD Soft Eggcrate 50°100.00150.00200.00
Chilly Willy Floppy18.00
Metal Solid4.00
Open Frame3.004.006.00
Flat Frame4.004.006.00
Dots and Fingers Kit30.00
6x Wag Flag
Shorty C-Stand7.00
Preemie C-Stand7.00
Gobo Arm2.50
3 Riser Baby Stand7.00
2 Riser Baby Stand6.00
Preemie Baby Stand6.00
Mini Preemie Baby Stand6.00
3 Riser Combo10.00
2 Riser Combo10.00
Low Boy Combo8.00
Mombo Combo25.00
Hi Roller20.00
Junior Roller15.00
Medium Roller20.00
Low Roller Junior10.00
Runaway Stand25.00
Super Crank75.00
Road Runner85.00
Long John Silver200.00
Low Boy Crank40.00
LCD Soft Eggcrate 50° (12×12)200.00
LCD Soft Eggcrate 50° (8×8)150.00
Chimera with Speed Ring (Large)125.00
Chimera with Speed Ring (Medium)65.00
Chimera with Speed Ring (Small)55.00
Chimera with Speed Ring (Extra Small)50.00
Chimera For Sky Panel65.00
Lighttools Egg Crate for Chimera (Large)75.00
Lighttools Egg Crate for Chimera (Medium)50.00
Lighttools Egg Crate for Chimera (Small)75.00
Lighttools Egg Crate for Chimera (Extra Small)50.00
35″ Pancake Chimera (Medium)65.00
21″ Pancake Chimera (Small)55.00
Additional Speed Ring25.00
Litepanels Snapbag Softbox for 1×1 LED25.00
22″ Jem Ball25.00
*Medium Chimera and Sky Panel Chimera have the same grid size dimensions.
42×42 Reflector40.00
Matthflector Board30.00
Mirror Board50.00
Full Apple Box5.00
1/2 Apple Box5.00
1/4 Apple Box5.00
1/8 Apple Box5.00
Cup Blocks (Set of 10)5.00
Full Basso Blocks (Set of 10)15.00
Half Basso Blocks (Set of 24)15.00
Step Up Blocks (Set of 4)10.00
Box of Wedges10.00
Box of Cribbing10.00
4 Step Ladder5.00
6 Step Ladder10.00
8 Step Ladder10.00
10 Step Ladder15.00
12 Step Ladder15.00
32 Foot Extension Ladder25.00
Ladderpod (24 feet)125.00
Turn Table100.00
Fog Machine100.00
24″ Mole Effects Fan65.00
Reel Effect Fan50.00
Base Hazer Pro125.00
Haze Fluid
Cable/Sandbag Cart20.00
Duz-All Cart35.00
Shelved Magliner (Senior)75.00
Shelved Magliner (Junior)60.00

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