May 15, 2024


LED HMI lighting is all the craze now and for some good reasons. Let’s not forget about HMIs and tungsten lights. I look at lighting like a painter looks at an empty canvas. A painter may use many different brushes, from big, wide brushes to very fine brushes. My point is that lighting is the same way. LEDs, HMIs, and tungsten lights are all brushes in a painter’s palette.

LED lighting has been around for a while now, and I must admit that it is a treat to use them.  The subtle instant changes you can make both in color and intensity are really convenient.  Let’s not forget that most of these lights have wireless control built into the light. They have been a welcome addition to the pallet of lights we use.

HMIs have been the daylight standard for a long time and are sometimes hard to replace. The 18/12K are the only thing that can compete against the sun.  Whether it’s to key talent outside or add fill to a large area.  There is nothing like a 12/18K outside blowing into a window to give you a natural sunlight look inside a room with still enough power to diffuse it if necessary to get exactly the look you want.

The 9K and 4K par are both very versatile lights for exterior and studio use. These lights can also simulate sunlight coming into a room, but when you need a large soft light, both are great to bounce, book light, or push through a large diffusion (8×8 or 12×12). We can’t forget the 1800, 1200, and 800, the most versatile lights in a lighting pallet.

Let’s not forget that HMIs can have a really nice moonlight effect.  The size of the light would be proportional to the size you are trying to cover.

What can I say about Tungsten? It’s old-school and still has the best quality of light out there.  Tungsten has texture, and yes, there is such a thing as color rendering that all lights try to emulate.  Tungsten has a CRI of 100 and will always be a 100 throughout the bulb’s life.  A 20K or a 10K through a 12×12 Muslin is still one of my favorite Key sources. When you are in the studio, you usually have plenty of power. There is no reason not to use a large tungsten source.  Contact us for more information on the LED HMI lighting.


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