1500w Yeti Goal Zero Power Station

The world of lighting is constantly changing and so are the needs of the field technician. We’ve added to our inventory the perfect tool to augment your order for those shoots where power sources are scarce. The Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is a powerful battery system perfect for film making. With this new power system, you can power three Skypanel S60’s at full power for well up to an hour which is perfect for those fast paced, middle of nowhere shoots or even on the soundstage where power cables might ruin that flawless wide shot.

We already have the Lion Battery in our lineup which offers a robust source of power great for just about any situation. Throw it in a hamper or on a magliner and you’ve got a mobile power system for lighting, VTR or even rig it in a process trailer for light weight alternative to a generator. Does production need an on-location office to print paperwork and power laptops? Drop one of these in their area and let the Goal Zero handle the rest.

The Goal Zero Yeti has a recharge time of 6 hours from completely dead to full so you can set it to charge at wrap and it’ll be ready to go for the next day. The Goal Zero App makes it easy for you to track a single battery’s vitals throughout the day so you’re never caught off guard when it gets close to 0%.

At a price point of 175 per day, it’s affordable, versatile and mobile for all your onset needs. Feel free to swing by either our Orlando location or St. Pete location to see it and test it out for yourself.